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    DAUGHTER FROM DANANG. Main Title & Design Sequences. About the experience of a child from the Vietnam war.
    Academy Award Nomination. Grand Jury Prize, Sundance. American Experience, PBS.
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    SOUL OF JUSTICE. Main Title and Design Sequences.
    About a federal judge whose impact on civil rights ripples through modern politics.
    Insight Award for motion graphics, National Association of Film & Digital Media Artists. Broadcast in PBS markets nationwide.
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    A.I.G.A. Lecture Series Opener.
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    FALL OF FUJIMORI. Main Title and Design Sequences.
    About the political reign of the former Japanese President of Peru. Sundance Film Festival.
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    ASK NOT. Main Title and Design Sequences.
    About the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell military policy of the United States. Independent Lens, PBS.
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    SUMMER OF LOVE. Design Sequences. About the free love movement in San Francisco, 1967. American Experience, PBS.
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    RARE BIRD. Main Title and Design Sequences.
    The rara avis was thought to be extinct forever until a boy discovers the bird in Bermuda and spends his life to save it.
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    MEN HAVING BABIES (BEYOND CONCEPTION). Main Title and Design Sequences.
    Follows a gay couple on their journey to conceive a surrogate child. Discovery Channel.
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    A HARD STRAIGHT. Main Title and Design Sequences.
    Follows three recent paroles to see if they can make it on the outside. Best Documentary, South by Southwest Festival.
  • Stacks Image 433
    AGING IN AMERICA. Main Title and Design Sequences.
    A seven-year project to chronicle the varied perspectives of elderly populations. Over 100 broadcasts in PBS markets nationwide.