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    This painting was exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and The Alexandria Museum of Art.
  • PLAZM MAGAZINE publishes The Malaise of a Congo River Tribe. Jim traveled up the Congo River and drank beers with a tribe's chief and his council. READ THE PHOTO ESSAY HERE
    This painting was curated to exhibit at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art.
  • TALKING WRITING Jim published a photo essay regarding his visit to the Congolese hospital traced as the source for the spread of HIV throughout the world. READ THE ARTICLE HERE
  • OTHER THAN Jim developed and produced this feature documentary, combining 11 short films, shot around the globe about outsiders. WATCH THE FILM HERE
  • SEARCHING FOR HELL For this book published by DogFilm Studio Publishing, Jim wrote a chapter about his travels making films in the Congo. ORDER HERE
  • CREATIVE QUARTERLY publishes the poster designed by InterStitch for SF Shorts as a winner in the professional graphic design category of its semi-annual journal. VIEW HERE
  • POLACK Jim’s first documentary where he went looking for the source of the Polish joke in American, but found much more. WATCH HERE
  • CREATIVE QUARTERLY publishes a self portrait as a winner in the professional fine art category of its semi-annual journal. VIEW HERE
  • SCRAPER MAGAZINE Jim was interviewed about his photography and writing, from his travels in the Congo.
  • DAUGHTER FROM DANANG Jim created all of the animated sequences for this documentary.
    Watch his title sequence played at the 2003 Academy Awards.
  • HOUSEWIFE IN THE HEART OF DARKNESS Jim’s third documentary. The confrontation of a Dust Bowl matriarch by her daughter’s sexual abuse is paralleled with the historic exploitation of the Congo. Watch Extended Trailer Above.
  • INSIGHT MAGAZINE featured Jim in an Artist Profile about his recent paintings.


inhabiting the small narrow spaces that bridge movements or parts

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