OTHER THAN. 11 Short Docs. 5 Continents.

One Feature Film. As the modern world becomes smaller and our differences become larger, can we afford to ignore what it means to be similar and yet unique? Explore the fine line between us and them. Premiere Marche Screening, Cannes Film Festival, 2012.

Visit the website.  Watch the trailer.

POLACK. A Small Minded Movie.

A feature documentary looking for the source of the Polish joke, and much more.  Visit the website.  Watch the trailer.

PORTFOLIO : or also visit the IMDB listing


SEARCHING FOR HELL. Hell Exists – It’s Just Not What You Think It Is.

InterStitch was one of five film-making teams to embark on a journey to discover stories of people inhabiting contemporary Hells all over the world, examining Hell’s geographical, cultural and social realities. Jim directed and produced the Congo segment.  Visit the website.


A diary is found from Zaire (the Congo), 1976. An American housewife was naïve to the danger that surrounded her in the form of the dictator, Mobutu – and that she flirted with the source of contagions. But other dangers lie much closer to home, and we discover that ignoring abuse does not equate innocence. Dictators live in palaces paid for by the blood of the people. They also live in suburban homes haunted by the silent tears of children. But in the end, their minds always live in the heart of darkness.